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Community Strategy & Operations
Jenny leads a team of community professionals who are passionate about providing scalable value for our ecosystem of prospects, customers, partners, and advocates. Working with cross-functional stakeholders to align community programs with HubSpot's business goals and customer needs she is passionate about creating a vibrant and inclusive online space where people can learn, connect, and engage with each other and with HubSpot. With over six years of experience in community management, starting as a Community Moderator and progressing to a Senior Community Manager and a Community Program Manager at HubSpot, she has developed and executed various community initiatives, including increasing the user retention rate by 25%, and driving over 2 million organic visits to our community site per year. She is fascinated by the power of stories and narratives to shape human behavior and culture, and applies this knowledge to her community work. Jenny believes that community is more than just a platform or a tool, it is a way of building meaningful relationships and delivering value for everyone involved.

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