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Sr. Community Manager
As a seasoned Community Manager specializing in Security & Cloud for IBM Businesses, I thrive on creating strategic connections between customers and companies to ensure value recognition, foster adoption of new functionalities, and elevate customer advocacy. My role revolves around defining, executing, analyzing, and managing the post-sale customer journey with an unwavering focus on driving engagement, maximizing customer value, minimizing churn, and enhancing advocacy. In my capacity, I oversee end-user communities across 15 product segments, achieving a remarkable 70% engagement rate and surpassing member growth targets by an impressive 114%. Additionally, I pioneered a technical webinar program that not only aided opportunity progression but also contributed to over $1M in validated sales and advanced $20M in sales opportunities. My skill set encompasses strategic planning, partner relationship management, web content writing, metrics reporting, and effective community management. With a relentless commitment to customer success, I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Security and Cloud at IBM, ensuring that our customers not only benefit from their investments but also become enthusiastic advocates for the company.

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