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Director of Customer Engagement & Community
As a visionary leader in digital engagement, Chris stands at the forefront of community strategy and management. His expertise extends to spearheading engaging content and nurturing relationships within dynamic online environments. Specializing in Customer Engagement programs, Chris exhibits a unique mastery in formulating strategic community plans and actualizing them, resulting in vibrant and active digital communities that he proudly owns. In addition to his strategic role, Chris hosts a successful podcast, offering his audience valuable insights drawn from his rich professional journey. His ability to engage listeners complements his talent for facilitating meaningful conversations with executives and customers alike, always prioritizing the needs of the community he serves. Known for his track record in designing and driving influential engagement initiatives, Chris consistently delivers captivating, tailored content. A staunch advocate for data-driven decision-making, he relies on empirical evidence to guide his strategies, fostering sustainable, successful community engagement.
12 April 2024 09:45 - 10:15
The data story: Proving your community and its business outcomes
In this session, we will explore the pivotal role of data in establishing the value and impact of your community on business outcomes. Discover how leveraging data can substantiate community efforts, attract stakeholders, and drive success. We'll delve into case studies, best practices, and practical insights to empower you with the tools needed to showcase your community's tangible contributions. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the narrative within your data and elevate your community's significance in the broader business landscape.

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