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Director of Community
Jenn Schiffer serves as the Director of Community at Fastly, overseeing the cultivation and expansion of an amiable community of coders on Glitch and Fastly. Leveraging her robust background in Computer Science and web development, Jenn is dedicated to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment. Her role extends beyond community management to encompass advocacy and growth initiatives. Known for her adept communication skills and passion for connecting with individuals, Jenn is committed to the overarching mission of enabling and empowering everyone to contribute to the creation of an open, safe, secure, and engaging World Wide Web.
11 April 2024 11:15 - 11:45
Every community is a winding road: Leading a brand community through change
Join us for an insightful session on maintaining community connection during periods of business growth and change. Explore strategies and best practices with a focus on three key discussion topics: 1. Cultivating resilient networks: Learn how to foster strong community bonds that withstand the challenges of growth, ensuring a foundation of support and connection. 2. Effective communication strategies: Discover communication techniques that keep your community informed, engaged, and united, even amidst broader organizational changes. 3. Innovative engagement approaches: Explore creative methods to sustain community interest and involvement, ensuring that growth enhances, rather than hinders, the sense of belonging within your community. Navigate the waves of change with confidence and empower your community to thrive in the face of expansion.

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