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Director of Community & Advocacy
Jonathan Crowe is Director of Community & Advocacy at NinjaOne, a leading IT management platform. You can often find him online hosting a wide variety of webinars, workshops, and events, or making extremely corny dad jokes on Discord. He has 12 years of experience in tech and startups, including stints building the content programs at endpoint security provider Barkly and OpenView Venture Partners.
12 April 2024 09:15 - 09:45
Winning over the skeptics: How to turn execs and detractors into key community allies
Delve into the art of building robust community alliances that not only fortify your brand but also fuel sustainable growth. Join us for practical insights and actionable steps, equipping you to navigate challenges, foster genuine connections, and ultimately convert skeptics into your most ardent advocates. Key discussion points: - Navigating skepticism: Explore effective strategies to understand and navigate skepticism from executives, influencers, and vocal critics, turning potential challenges into opportunities for engagement. - Building executive support: Learn how to communicate the value of community initiatives to executives, gaining their support and involvement in fostering a culture of collaboration and advocacy. - Influencer engagement strategies: Uncover practical approaches to engage influencers authentically, creating mutually beneficial relationships that contribute to the success of your community initiatives. - Turning critics into advocates: Discover techniques for addressing and converting vocal critics into enthusiastic community advocates, transforming dissent into constructive dialogue and support.

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