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Ex - Sr. Manager of Community & Content
Krystal Wu is a seasoned Community Professional passionate about cultivating meaningful connections. With a background in community building, a wealth of experience in nurturing online communities, and eight years of developing community and marketing strategies, she has a knack for creating inclusive spaces where members thrive. She believes in the power of engagement, leveraging her expertise to facilitate dynamic discussions and drive collaboration. Krystal believes that communities are the heartbeat of a business and is dedicated to elevating the community experience. When not championing community growth, she explores the latest industry trends through some great podcasts or books and also loves a good cup of tea.
11 April 2024 11:45 - 12:15
Defining your community's why: A roadmap to purpose
Embark on a focused journey as we guide you through the essential steps of defining your community's purpose. In this succinct session, discover a practical roadmap to unearth the 'why' that drives your community's existence. Join us for insights that will empower you to instill purpose, cohesion, and meaning into every facet of your community.

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