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Community Director
As a Community Director for Yelp, Megan Colombo connects the community with great local businesses through remarkable event experiences, social media, marketing partnerships, and online engagement. She frequently presents and moderates panels for universities, marketing agencies, and chamber groups, in addition to being a local improviser on comedy teams throughout the Philly area. Her expertise in scaling and feedback comes from over five years of Community Management experience, serving both Rochester, NY and Philadelphia, PA constituencies. Megan received her Bachelor of Music from Nazareth College in 2015, and can be found exploring Philly’s many parks and eateries with her beagle Freddy Sue.
11 April 2024 13:45 - 14:30
Panel - Leveraging collective wisdom: Mastering community feedback for business success
Dive into the heart of customer-centric business strategies in this dynamic panel discussion, where industry experts will unravel the art of harnessing collective wisdom for unparalleled success. We'll delves into the transformative power of customer community feedback and explores how businesses can turn insights into action. Key discussion points: Join our panel of seasoned professionals as they discuss: The feedback ecosystem: Explore the intricate dynamics of creating a feedback ecosystem within your customer community. Learn how to foster open communication channels and encourage valuable input from your customers. Turning insights into innovation: Uncover the strategies for translating customer feedback into actionable insights. Discover how businesses can leverage collective wisdom to drive innovation, refine products/services, and stay ahead of the competition. Building trust through engagement: Explore how consistent engagement with your customer community builds trust and loyalty. Understand the importance of transparent communication and how it contributes to a positive feedback loop. Measuring impact: Learn effective methods for measuring the impact of customer feedback on business outcomes. From key performance indicators to success stories, our panelists will share their experiences in gauging the real value of customer insights.
11 April 2024 10:15 - 10:45
Scaling beyond boundaries: Personalization and authenticity at any stage
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